OpenBMC Hackathon October 9th - 11th Proposed Agenda

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Thu Sep 6 11:49:54 AEST 2018

There are still openings available. Please register soon if you're planning to attend the event.

To register for the event, please visit:

Below is my proposed list of the agenda for the OpenBMC Hackathon being held at Intel on October 9th - 11th.
This is a collection of the input that I received from those that registered for the event.

I'm soliciting input from the community for discussion topics and ideas for the event.
Please let me know if there is any topic that you would like to include, or input regarding format.

There will be several rooms where community members/developers can break into different workgroups.
I'm planning on having two tracks. Where track 1 will be focused on discussions/presentations, and track 2 will be focused on working groups.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided by Intel.

Breakfast: 8:15am
Start time:  9am
Lunch:  12-1pm
End time: 5pm

No-Host Dinner/Networking: I'm working on a list of restaurants in the area. This will be an organic activity and self-organizing.

Tuesday (Day 1)
Track 1 - Tech Talks
        Kick-Off and Introductions
        Best practices for the OpenBMC community
        User Management - progress report, new use cases
        Linux Drivers - development best practices, the good/bad/ugly
        Redfish - schema support, OCP compliance, testing, plugfest updates, RSD support, next steps
        Platform configuration - porting to new hardware, sensor configuration
        Demonstrations of hardware & firmware that is, or will be, available in the open source repository

Track 2 - Hacking
        On Boarding / Training
        Writing and Debugging Code
        Documentation - work on improving the content

Wednesday (Day 2)
Track 1 - Tech Talks
        Hardware requirements/guidelines - security, sensor support
        IPMI - compliance vs. non-compliance, security impacts, BIOS OEM commands
        BMC device enablement - BSP, future requirements (e.g., i3c support, crypto, fuses)
        Logging and debug mechanisms, telemetry and alerts.
        Security - threat model, incident response, ARM TrustZone, process isolation, key storage, crypto guidelines
        Bootloader - flash memory layout, SPI flash (boot rom vs. operational image)
        Secure Boot - Cerberus, Titan, PFR, Poor-Mans-Security-Implementation
        Engagement with OCP

Track 2 - Hacking
        continuation from day 1
        Security Scanning
        Penetration Testing

Thursday (Day 3)
Track 1 - Tech Talks
        Validation - test plans, Jenkins support
        WebUI Design - Customization
        KVM & Virtual Media
        Feature Development
        Release Planning

Track 2 - Hacking
        continuation from day 2
        Free-form demonstration of work accomplished during hackathon

James Mihm
Intel - Intel DCG BMC Core Firmware

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