Proposal to Sync BMC's MAC Address to U-Boot environment

Nagaraju Goruganti ngorugan at
Tue Nov 27 21:58:01 AEDT 2018

HI All,

As we want to get rid of python, making this proposal to sync BMC's MAC 
Address to U-Boot environment(assuming this is a common requirement across 
OpenBMC based systems).


Platform specific code :

a) Get MAC Address from platform specific NV storage (BMC VPD on OpenPOWER 
systems) into an inventory object. It is being done by 
openpower-vpd-parser on the openpower systems .

Common code:

b) A script (invoked by systemd on the way to BMC ready state) fetches BMC 
MAC Address from (platform specific) inventory object. If this MAC Address 
and the one in u-boot environment are different (or if the u-boot one is 
empty), then the script writes the inventory MAC Address to u-boot using 

c) The script can reside in a phosphor layer.

Existing Python script:

The existing python 
script(openbmc/skeleton/pyinventorymgr/ does the 
same thing.

We need a opinion from the community members on this proposal.

Best Regards,

Nagaraju G

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