OpenBMC Corporate CLA from Quanta Computer Inc.

Buddy Huang (黃天鴻) Buddy.Huang at
Mon Nov 26 19:06:24 AEDT 2018

Hi Brad,

The file attached is the signed Corporate CLA from Quanta Computer Inc.
The list below shows the names of our members in the CCLA.
Richard Tung, Richard.Tung at
Litzung Chen, Litzung.Chen at
Alan Kuo, Alan_Kuo at
Alice Hsu, Alice_Hsu at
Buddy Huang, Buddy.Huang at
Duke Du, Duke.Du at
Fran Hsu, Fran.Hsu at
George Hung, George.Hung at
P.K. Lee, P.K.Lee at
Samuel Jiang, Samuel.Jiang at
Spencer Ku, Spencer.Ku at
Tony Lee, Tony.Lee at
Will Liang, Will.Liang at

Please help review it and let me know if there is any missing.


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