OpenBMC signed CLA for Nuvoton Technology Corporation

Avi Fishman avifishman70 at
Sun Nov 18 19:51:04 AEDT 2018

Hi Brad,

Attached is the signed CLA for Nuvoton Technology Corporation.
Here are the names and emails from the CLA:
Eyal Cohen <Eyal.Cohen at> and CLA manager
Avi Fishman <Avi.Fishman at> and CLA Manager
Tomer Maimon <tomer.maimon at>
Tali Perry <tali.perry at>
Oshri Alkoby <oshri.alkoby at>
LC Chen <LCCHEN at>
Joseph Liu <KWLIU at>
Tyrone Ting<KFTING at>
Medad Cchien<CTCCHIEN at>
Stanley Chu<YSCHU at>
Tim Li<CHLI30 at>

Please let us know if something is missing.
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