Submit board schematics to OpenBMC docs repo

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Subject: Re: Submit board schematics to OpenBMC docs repo

   That makes sense. I.e. submit the meta machine layer for the particular board and just include the PDFs in the commit. Would that be accepted?
This is just one of the suggestion and am sure other community members might have suggestions/opinions regarding this.

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I guess this is a question of # of small repos vs a single large repo with a lot of "stuff" in it. I generally prefer fewer (yet larger) repos vs. the overhead of managing multiple small repos.
May be an example would clarify for my suggestion of embedding details with the machine. I was referring to having ‘witherspooon’ schematics along with the machine layer @ This will provide context for how this machine witherspoon is designed with all the details.(hypothetical assuming  witherspoon schematics can be shared in open)
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