MCTP protocol support in OpenBMC?

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Thu Nov 15 06:02:07 AEDT 2018

Google is interested in investigating MCTP as well. I'd love to join the wg.


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> David/Jeremy,
> We (@ arm) are also interested in contributing MCTP to OpenBMC.
> We are in the process of getting CLA signed.
> We have the same concern regarding duplicating work.
> We would like to collaborate with OpenBMC folks  who are interested in
> this topic. (maybe form a Workgroup to discuss this).
> Thanks,
> Supreeth
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> Hi David and Rick,
> > Does OpenBMC currently have any support for MCTP protocol layer, or is
> > there a plan to deliver something like this in the future?  I'd be
> > very interested to hear about any future plans related to MCTP stack.
> Us too! I'm interested in looking at MCTP, and am in the middle of doing a
> little prototyping with our host firmware stack.
> I'd also like to avoid duplicating work though, have you (or others) made
> progress on this since this initial email? I know there was a presentation
> on MCTP at the recent hackathon, but I'm not sure if any solid plans came
> from that.
> If not, I'd be happy to sketch out an architecture for this...
> Cheers,
> Jeremy
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