IPMB recipe with questions

Samuel Jiang chyishian.jiang at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 23:46:11 AEDT 2018

Hi Ed,

I am attempting to build phorphor-ipmi-ipmb recipe and encounter some questions.

1. When I build this recipe by devtool,  it complied return below error message
    [ fatal error: linux/i2c-dev-user.h: No such file or directory ]
   I track it copy from  include/uapi/linux/i2c-dev.h  in dev-4.13 branch.
   I wonder why don’t directly use linux/i2c-dev, It included above file.

2. I need use this patch on Linux source, follow document add a new device by manual and restart service then it could be executed.
     I want to add this device auto-execute but not sure adding on the recipe or Linux source are fit.

3. Now my ipmb.service is runtime and sees Channel.Ipmb BUS.
    Could I use phosphor-host-ipmi (ipmitool on bmc) tool test this service work? If could, how to set command for the test. If couldn't, have another method test the services?

Thank you for your kind attention in advance.

Samuel Jiang
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