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Wed Nov 14 08:49:19 AEDT 2018

One of the topics from the GUI Design workgroup is how the GUI style guide
is shared with the whole community. The attendees agreed that we should get
feedback from the broader community on the proposal to make the guide more

To start with, the purpose of the guide is not to replace the bootstrap
library. Instead, this guide will help front-end designers and developers
provide consistent patterns, behaviors, and interactions such as colors,
form and validation behaviors, accessibility interactions, terminology,
animations, etc.

Today, the first version of the style guide is shared as a series of
flattened images (png). And the source files are not easily accessible to
the community

I am proposing to build a website served through Github Pages. This would
allow users to easily find and navigate to the information they need. It
also allows users to interact with the content.  An example of this can be
found here:

With this solution, the code will be stored in a style guide repo allowing
for the community to provide feedback using Github issues, as well as the
ability to make changes using the standard development process.

A Github issue has been created to track feedback on this topic. Please
post your feedback here:

Thank you in advance for your feedback -- Susan Jasinski
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