Mains blink, chassisoff, and power restore policy

Alexander Amelkin a.amelkin at
Thu Nov 8 01:28:28 AEDT 2018

Hi all!

Do you think that a host turned off with `obmcutil chassisoff` (not `obmcutil poweroff`) should return back to 'on' state upon AC power cycle when power restore policy is 'Restore' ?

Currently it does, quite weirdly. That happens because `obmcutil poweroff` command sets RequestedHostTransition to Off, but `obmcutil chassisoff` command does not change that property.

It is proposed to add a new service, which sets RequestedHostTransition property to value Off on obmc-chassis-hard-poweroff target call.

The corresponding change is in Gerrit:

I invite everyone to discuss it there as so far we have only two quite opposite opinions on this expressed in Gerrit comments.


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