palmetto 2400 vs q71l 2400

Patrick Venture venture at
Tue Nov 6 03:36:00 AEDT 2018


For whatever reason, the q71l only has 128 MiB of RAM.  I checked the
dts for the palmetto ast2400 and it has 512.  So, I don't think
they're comparable 2400 systems.

As far as an upstream recipe to reduce the image for the quanta board.
I do periodic build testing of it, but nothing more in terms of
run-time testing.  I have a downstream Google recipe that strips out
nearly all image_features and extra applications to a minimal run-time
image.  However, now that's even too big.  I haven't had cycles to
trace out the run-time memory differences between the older 1.99.10
image and the 2.4 image.  The biggest differences appear in the kernel
though and not userspace.


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