Upcoming project ownership changes

Brad Bishop bradleyb at fuzziesquirrel.com
Wed Feb 14 14:53:16 AEDT 2018

OpenBMC community

During your travels you may have noticed that the OpenBMC brand is
somewhat fragmented.  There are several BMC firmware ecosystems out
there today, of which this project is just one.

For the past year, the leaders of these ecosystems have been hard at
work to bring all the projects together and move forward with a single
industry-wide OpenBMC.

I'm happy to report that these industry leaders have rallied around
your community as the meeting point.  Very soon it will get a lot more
busy around here.  

To this end, IBM will be ceding stewardship of this project to the
Linux Foundation in the very near future.  You can find the project
charter here:


In the longer term I'm optimistic all this means change, growth and
success for all of us.  In the shorter term, I don't anticipate any
major changes in the day to day of what we all do, with one exception. 
Under the new charter, contributors will be required to sign a
contributor license agreement.  There will be corporate (your company
signs once for all future contributions originating from your company)
and individual agreements available:


Please work with your legal team (if using the corporate CLA) or sign
the individual CLA now and send them to me to avoid any delays in your
development work flow when the transfer occurs.


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