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Sat Feb 10 02:30:41 AEDT 2018

"Rapkiewicz, Pawel" <pawel.rapkiewicz at> wrote on 02/08/2018
07:47:02 PM:

> Thanks for your benchmarking you've attached, I'd like to better
> understand the data. I'm curious about 10 concurrent requests for
> redfish root service. The average is ~5 seconds for uwsgi, and
> mostly no response for gevent.
> Few questions:
> - gevent and uwsgi, those are two independent redfish server
> - do you have any traffic during retrieving root service?
> - Was it with Basic HTTP Auth, or without any?
I gather Microsoft implementation supports only Basic Auth. Redfish
requires all requests (apart from requests for service root, metadata and
session establishment) to be authenticated. Hence I surmise that the
performance results are "with Basic HTTP Auth".

Hari !
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