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Rolf Brudeseth code at
Thu Feb 8 15:25:18 AEDT 2018

> 5) Leverage existing open source projects:
> - Does the implementation compose existing services and frameworks ? 
> Such as a webserver(say, nginx) and a rest framework (flask).
> In my testing, flask was a non-starter for performance on low end 
> systems, and while reasonably performant when measured externally with 
> response times, it consumed quite a
> bit of system CPU cycles for most tasks. Also, the startup time for 
> python was suspect, and difficult to improve on without lots of 
> gymnastics.
> Hari>> I haven't evaluated flask and it's good to know the performance 
> limitations with flask and python.
> regards,
> Hari !
Are other language options besides Python an alternative, such as Golang? It has webserver and template functionality built-in so an additional framework may not be required.

It is compiled so it should have better performance than Python. Cross-compiling to ARM is trivial.


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