Redfish on OpenBMC

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Thu Feb 8 03:14:56 AEDT 2018

Hi Ed,

On our AST2520 platform:
Reading sensors using Redfish takes about 12-13 seconds for about 200 sensors. If 10 threads are requesting the read at the same time, the average time to return is about 70 seconds.

For reading logs, it takes about 100 seconds for 4000 log entries. The time scales linearly with the number of logs, e.g. for 2000 logs, it would take around 50s.


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> > Performance
> > How fast is it?
> Synchronous API for Sensors and SEL takes longer to respond.
> It takes about 19 seconds for 100 sensors and more than 6 minutes for 
> 4000 events.
> 10 concurrent requests can make them 4-5 times slower than usual.
> Asynchronous API for BMC and component firmware update takes 5-10 
> minutes as expected.
> These results are on AST2400.

Do you have the same data for your 2500 platforms?

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