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On 01/02/18 2:38 pm, Hariharasubramanian Ramasubramanian wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for enumerating the attributes for comparison.
> I want to list down a few additional criteria that may be evaluated:
> 1) Data-Driven Resource Discovery:
> - The Redfish server should ideally build it's resource model from a 
> "config file". This config file could potentially be hand-coded or built 
> out of a "system definition file". The following are examples of system 
> definition files for 2 of the systems currently running OpenBMC firmware.
> The system architecture (sled vs blade etc.), number of processors, 
> number of fans etc. can be determined from the system definition file to 
> generate the config file.

OpenBMC systems already have a "resource model" in the form of the D-Bus 
object hierarchy. Do you envision having a separate model to depict the 
Redfish hypermedia resources, or coming up with a way to map Redfish 
resources to D-Bus objects? This probably ties into the point about how 
easy it is to take the implementation and run it outside OpenBMC.

> The intent is to make the redfish implementation as system agnostic as 
> possible.
> 2) Separation of the Redfish front-end (view) and back-end 
> (infrastructure) layers. The infrastructure API exposed as dbus services 
> would be one of the means to make this separation of concerns.
> 3) Performance :
> - Runtime memory foot print.This could potentially have a negative 
> impact on "how fast" the server is. Hence the trade-off should consider 
> what can be cached vs what needs to be queried from the infrastructure.
> - Michael, why did you consider SSL being separately implemented by the 
> Redfish server? Would this be in the scope of the webserver ?
> 4) Eventing: Current version of the Redfish spec has left it open for 
> the OEMs to define the specific Event Messages. i.e. there is no 
> standard / common Event Registry. Redfish server implementation on the 
> OpenBMC should define this common Event Registry and perhaps accepted by 
> DMTF. Does the Eventing support filtering of events based on the event 
> type, source resource and the message Id ?
> 5) Leverage existing open source projects:
> - Does the implementation compose existing services and frameworks ? 
> Such as a webserver(say, nginx) and a rest framework (flask).
> regards,
> Hari !
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> survey of the different implementations tha
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> So, I think that the first thing we ought to do is get a survey of the 
> different implementations that are out there, and establish criteria for 
> judging different implementations.
> Here would be a list of questions I would have for everybody on the 
> list. I think it would probably be best to compile all of these into a 
> wiki page somewhere.
>    - Do you have a redfish server implementation?
>    - Is it Open Source?
> - If not, are you planning on open sourcing it?
> - What is the license?
> - Is it posted to github or other public source control?
>    - Does it pass the DMTF redfish service validator?
>    - What language is it written in?
>    - How big is it?
>    - Can it be easily extended/re-used by anybody else shipping 
> compliant openbmc implementations?
> - Can you add OEM extensions to existing Redfish Resources without 
> "forking" the codebase?
> - Can you change the implementation for a single Redfish Resource 
> Property without forking?
> - Can you add new Redfish Resources without forking?
>    - Performance
> - How fast is it?
> - Does it implement SSL?
>    - Security
> - What is the security model?
> - Non-root support? Can it run as a non-privileged user?
> - Does it implement basic authentication and the redfish spec 
> x-auth-token authentication?
> - Does it implement the redfish standard privilege map model?
>    - Eventing:
> - For writing a UI on top of redfish, something like SSE is a 
> nice-to-have to avoid polling in the browser. There are a couple of 
> proposed SSE extensions that have not yet been approved.
> - How much work to implement SSE support to do things like watch 
> Property changes?
> - Is the standard redfish eventing model supported?
> - Security model integrated with eventing? Do eventing records get the 
> same security treatment as GET requests?
>    - Development: can it run outside of openbmc?
>    - Special sauce: is there anything not captured above that makes the 
> implementation special in any way?
> --
> Michael
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> Subject: Redfish on OpenBMC
> Hi Michael
> The project could really use someone to get everyone that has expressed 
> interest in the future of Redfish support in OpenBMC rowing in the same 
> direction.  So thank you for volunteering to lead that conversation at 
> the community call yesterday.
> I’ve CC’ed everyone that I know of that has expressed an interest.
> OpenBMC community: feel free to speak up if you’d like to be involved 
> and I forgot you.
> The only thing I’d ask is to please post links to any meetings, minutes, 
> or correspondence here on the list, so everyone can easily keep up with 
> how things are going or jump in to provide feedback.
> thanks again
> -brad


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