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So, I think that the first thing we ought to do is get a survey of the different implementations that are out there, and establish criteria for judging different implementations.

Here would be a list of questions I would have for everybody on the list. I think it would probably be best to compile all of these into a wiki page somewhere.

   - Do you have a redfish server implementation?
   - Is it Open Source?
	- If not, are you planning on open sourcing it?
	- What is the license?
	- Is it posted to github or other public source control?
   - Does it pass the DMTF redfish service validator?
   - What language is it written in?
   - How big is it?
   - Can it be easily extended/re-used by anybody else shipping compliant openbmc implementations?
	- Can you add OEM extensions to existing Redfish Resources without "forking" the codebase?
	- Can you change the implementation for a single Redfish Resource Property without forking?
	- Can you add new Redfish Resources without forking?
   - Performance
	- How fast is it?
	- Does it implement SSL?
   - Security
	- What is the security model?
	- Non-root support? Can it run as a non-privileged user?
	- Does it implement basic authentication and the redfish spec x-auth-token authentication?
	- Does it implement the redfish standard privilege map model?
   - Eventing:
	- For writing a UI on top of redfish, something like SSE is a nice-to-have to avoid polling in the browser. There are a couple of proposed SSE extensions that have not yet been approved.
		- How much work to implement SSE support to do things like watch Property changes?
	- Is the standard redfish eventing model supported?
	- Security model integrated with eventing? Do eventing records get the same security treatment as GET requests?
   - Development: can it run outside of openbmc?
   - Special sauce: is there anything not captured above that makes the implementation special in any way?


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Hi Michael

The project could really use someone to get everyone that has expressed interest in the future of Redfish support in OpenBMC rowing in the same direction.  So thank you for volunteering to lead that conversation at the community call yesterday.

I’ve CC’ed everyone that I know of that has expressed an interest.
OpenBMC community: feel free to speak up if you’d like to be involved and I forgot you.

The only thing I’d ask is to please post links to any meetings, minutes, or correspondence here on the list, so everyone can easily keep up with how things are going or jump in to provide feedback.

thanks again


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