openbmc code auto-completion

John Wang wangzqbj at
Fri Dec 21 00:16:45 AEDT 2018


I am a vimer. There is a ycm_extra_conf file for ycm(auto-completion)
for openbmc-cpp-project,I want to share.I don't know where this file
should be uploaded,just put it here

How to use it:
devtool modify phosphor-led-sysfs
cd workspace/sources/phosphor-led-sysfs/
cp  ./

vim xxx.cpp

As a c++ beginner,I feel that auto-completion can make me write code
more happily.This ycm_extra_conf file is simple ,if someone can tell
me a better way for yocto(openbmc) auto-completion,I would be



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