Translating phosphor-webui [GUI accessibility]

Tanous, Ed ed.tanous at
Wed Dec 19 06:35:46 AEDT 2018

> Performing the translation was difficult because the English sentences were
> built from phrases with replacement text in the middle of the sentence.  For
> example, in the sentence, "The processor temperature of
> 60 degrees is over the limit of 58", can built from HTML like:
>    <p>The processor temperature of</p><script>...get the
> temp...</script><p>degrees is over the limit.</p>.
This exact problem is already covered by the angular translate module.  They dedicate a whole page to it in their documentation:

> We discussed using the AngularJS translation framework.
> There were some problems with the way the translated text appeared in the
> web browser window.  Some of the translated text was much longer than
> the English versions; and some of these were clipped instead of flowed.
> These problems are being addressed by fixing the HTML and CSS code.
Sounds good to me.  I'm interested in how some of the internals will work, but so long as we're following anular-translate best practices, I don't think we'll have a problem.

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