OpenBMC Upstream Reference System(s)

Khetan, Sharad sharad.khetan at
Tue Dec 11 11:33:22 AEDT 2018

Hi Andrew, 
I would like to see (and will support) an Intel platform. It may be Wolf Pass or something else. I am not sure if the requirements and expectations of supporting such a platform. 
I will discuss internally and get back. 

> On Dec 11, 2018, at 12:36 AM, Andrew Geissler <geissonator at> wrote:
> Greetings,
> One thing that has come up a few times, and was touched on in last weeks
> Infrastructure workgroup (and todays community meeting), was what is our
> community reference system(s)? i.e. What do we as a community test against
> and guarantee works when we do a tag or release?
> If you look at something like you
> will see a variety of systems. Romulus is put through QEMU CI and another,
> Witherspoon, is put through HW CI currently. This list has been mostly created
> by IBM, and so it brings up the question of what's our future plan here.
> First, what's the criteria for adding a system to officially being supported by
> the upstream community?
> - Covers as much OpenBMC function as possible?
> - Is on hardware that anyone can easily (and cheaply) get their hands on?
> - Has consistent upstream support and a person or company to support HW CI?
> The witherspoon and romulus systems definitely are well supported by IBM in
> the upstream community but they are not all that cheap. There was a rasberry
> pi port out there that would be cheap and easy to get access to but not cover
> as much OpenBMC function. There's something like
> which is a bit more
> accessible but I don't believe the code has been upstreamed.
> One point made in last weeks Infrastructure workgroup is we should shoot
> for a minimum amount of hardware that covers as much function as possible.
> So a matrix of some sort that covers our major functional areas. In general,
> having a system on the upstream support list is like getting your code
> upstreamed,
> once in, you have a guarantee that all future code will support it, so maybe
> this is more of a community reward to get your system on the list?
> Just throwing ideas out there, input and ideas appreciated.
> Andrew
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