Split and join. The preferred way.

James Feist james.feist at linux.intel.com
Sat Dec 8 03:53:09 AEDT 2018

On 12/6/18 11:51 PM, vishwa wrote:
> When I had to tokenize before, I believe to have used std::stringstream 
> / std:strtok_r and no library that I am aware of.
> I believe someone initiated this discussion a while ago and I am not 
> sure where that went. Brad ?
> !! Vishwa !!
> On 12/06/2018 02:41 PM, Alexander Amelkin wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> As we all know, it's a common programming task to split/tokenize 
>> strings and join tokens back together. Those trivial methods are 
>> however not implemented in STL for C++. There is a Boost way to do it, 
>> but as far as I understand, Boost is not endorsed in OpenBMC for 

This has changed, boost is allowed if it is header only. We've use 
boost::split before.




>> understandable reasons of space-saving. Is there any openbmc-blessed 
>> method to split and join? Any commonly used library with the methods 
>> to perform the task? I hate code duplication and wouldn't like to 
>> reinvent the bicycle.
>> Thank you.
>> Alexander.

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