[HELP] ipmi-kcs didn't work

Ryan Chen ryan_chen at aspeedtech.com
Wed Dec 5 12:04:43 AEDT 2018

Hello Jae,
		Yes, ESPICLK should be the same flag. 

On 12/4/18, 7:44 AM, "Jae Hyun Yoo" <jae.hyun.yoo at linux.intel.com> wrote:

    On 12/4/2018 12:18 AM, Ryan Chen wrote:
    > Hello Jae,
    > 	ASPEED LPC IP HW block have serval clk input.
    > 	Most important is LCLK is come from LPC Host.
    > 	The others is not controllable by register.
    > Ryan
    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for the information. So clock source of LCLK is from external
    usually from PCH, means that it doesn't have any parent dependency
    within BMC. In this case, we need to mark CLK_IS_CRITICAL flag to enable
    it. Also, we should mark the flag for ESPICLK too because eSPI is
    sharing the same interface with LPC.
    I'll make and upstream a patch.
But I am able to enable clock through lpc-ctrl in dts. Which does same thing enabling clock for lpc. I don't think we need this patch.


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