Linux dev-4.19

Joel Stanley joel at
Mon Dec 3 17:15:41 AEDT 2018

On Thu, 29 Nov 2018 at 11:19, Joel Stanley <joel at> wrote:
> I've had some off list questions about moving the openbmc tree to
> 4.19. Apologies for the delay responding, I was busy with another
> project in recent weeks.
> I will put together a 4.19 based tree next week. Once it's booting on
> the hardware I have access to (ast2400 and ast2500 openpower
> machines), I will push it to github and notify the list. Further
> testing would be welcome.

This has been done. There is now a dev-4.19 branch:

The tree this time around was a simple rebase of the 4.18 tree on top
of 4.19. I didn't drop any patches (aside from those that went

I've published a gerrit commit that bumps openbmc to use this version.
This has had some testing by our CI on Witherspoon and Romulus, and I
did some manual testing on Romulus and Palmetto (hardware and Qemu). I
intend to merge it tomorrow:

> If there are patches you would like to add to 4.19 please send them to
> the list with the 'dev-4.19' subject. This is probably best done once
> I've published the tree, so you can ensure they apply and are tested.

Please test on your platforms, submit the patch sets you would like to
see included.



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