Fwd: Migration to new gerrit server is coming

Andrew Geissler geissonator at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 22:37:25 AEST 2018

Hello everyone,

I got agreement from the current VM and openbmc-project.xyz domain
owner to work with me today on this transition.  The bad news is that
it's going to have to happen today at around 4:30pm Central time.

A good excuse for the west coast crew to start an early Thursday happy hour.

My estimate on the outage is around 2 hours. There will be no impact
or domain changes. We'll just move the DNS for
gerrit.openbmc-project.xyz over to the new server.


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From: Andrew Geissler <geissonator at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 2:55 PM
Subject: Migration to new gerrit server is coming
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We've gotten ourselves a nice big server to run our gerrit instance
on.  The virtual machine we're currently running in is going EOL
within the next few months so I've been slowly working on a
transition.  The migration should be pretty painless.  At some point
I'll take down the existing gerrit, migrate the data from it to our
new instance, and move the domain name over to the new server.

I've got a test instance going now and would appreciate some poking
around for anything obviously wrong.  It's running the latest stable
gerrit, so we'll be getting an upgrade in this process. I synch'd over
the data from the production gerrit this morning.


PLEASE NOTE: No review comments or merges or ... anything will be
saved or executed on this test-gerrit so don't get the two mixed up :)
 https://gerrit.openbmc-project.xyz is where all real work should


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