Meeting minutes 4/9 - RE: OpenBMC Redfish working group working call

Michael.E.Brown at Michael.E.Brown at
Thu Apr 12 03:51:15 AEST 2018

Meeting minutes 4/9:
- Submission of redfish implementation to the openbmc project as separate, distinct recipes
- Add virtual provides to allow selection of which redfish implementation to use in a build
	o Named: virtual/redfish
	o People select the implementation at build time using PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/redfish
- Action:
	o Dell to submit gerrit code reviews to add python redfish, go redfish
	o AMI to submit lua-jit implementation (?) - AMI team has indicated that they intend to submit
- Open question:
	o Mix and match redfish and GUI, how do we do that?
	o Proposal:
		* One front end web server and micro-services as reverse proxy
		* Authentication - outlier: should we standardize
		* Can we come up with a way to mix and match and have standardized
		* Service discovery
		* Basically a subset of the API gateway problem
		* Observation by Paul V: redfish auth is "special" (short-bus) and is not really the same as normal oauth token or other token auth types and might be easiest to always have redfish do its own auth. 

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