Attention users of network IPMI

Stewart Smith stewart at
Tue Apr 10 12:57:33 AEST 2018

Deepak Kodihalli <dkodihal at> writes:
> On 29/03/18 2:53 pm, Tom Joseph wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Based on  feedback from the team writing management scripts for OpenBMC. 
>> There is a suggestion to
>> support the "-U" parameter when running the IPMI over network, to keep 
>> the script consistent across
>> multiple BMC implementations.
>> The support currently in  OpenBMC for the IPMI user accounts is the 
>> nameless account and the -U option
>> is not needed and only the -P option is needed. With the proposed 
>> change, "-U admin" is needed, for the
> This would break current users based on a nameless account. So I suppose 
> that you'd have to still support a nameless account.

For current OpenPOWER systems, it's only IBM FSP machines and OpenBMC
that have a nameless account. Both SuperMicro and AMI BMCs require
usernames, so any scripts targetting OpenPOWER systems need to deal with
both situations.

But maintaining backwards compatibility with existing openbmc ipmi
implementations is also a good thing.

Stewart Smith
OPAL Architect, IBM.

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