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I am working on supporting new platform which has AST2500.Some of the questions I have are:


1.      If I want to make changes to any openBMCcomponent for development, is folder “openbmc/build/tmp/work/” right locationto make changes?

2.      When I try to build openBMC for AST2500, nooption to configure the linux kernel. If I want to add new driver to the kernelto support new sensor chip. Once add the code into kernel 

a.       canI know which configuration file to change in the linux kernel to enable newdriver. In standard kernel this can be done through .config. However in openBMCwe didn’t find .config file.

b.      Oncestep “a” is done how do I recompile openBMC build? . Do I need to run “bitbakeobmc-phosphor-image” again?. Will this take my changes done?. FYI: I made smallone line change in kernel source code, reran “bitbake obmc-phosphor-image” andgot message “NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 3940 tasks of which 3940 didn'tneed to be rerun and all succeeded” – looks like changes are not recognized. 

3.      I want add new sensor to “recipes-phosphor/sensors/”.(I have gone through “docs/” and couldn’t find detailsfor the below questions)

a.       Isthere any specific rules to name “.conf” file?

b.      Ifthere are multiple sensors inside i2c bus, how are “.conf” files for each ofthe sensors defined?

c.       Howdoes openBMC/phosphor know which i2c device register it has to talk to for aspecific sensor

4.      How do I add this sensor to “Dbus” interface?.Does step 2 cover this?

5.      How do I add sensor to “hwmon”

6.      Noticed there are many “bin” files generatedafter the build, can I know which file to use to flash that has “uboot+kernel+openbmc+…”.Can I flash this image on new system, without making any changes to openBMCcomponents ?

 Thanks in advance for your help.

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