[PATCH linux dev-4.10 1/1] Rename aspeed-bmc-opp-flash-layout.dtsi

Joel Stanley joel at jms.id.au
Mon Nov 20 14:46:36 AEDT 2017

On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 3:59 AM, James Feist
<james.feist at linux.intel.com> wrote:
> On 11/14/2017 04:39 PM, Joel Stanley wrote:
>> On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 6:04 AM, James Feist
>> <james.feist at linux.intel.com> wrote:
>>> Rename aspeed-bmc-opp-flash-layout.dtsi to openbmc-flash-layout.dtsi
>>> as this file is not open power specific.
>> Looks good to me! I'll give others a chance to comment before merging.
>>> Signed-off-by: Feist, James <james.feist at linux.intel.com>
>> Hrm, why does it put your name like that? Can you correct your gitconfig?
> Will do, let me know if you require a new patch. Will fix for future
> patch-sets.

That's fine, I can fix it up when I apply.

However, I was unable to apply your patch:

 Applying: Rename aspeed-bmc-opp-flash-layout.dtsi
 error: corrupt patch at line 173
 Patch failed at 0001 Rename aspeed-bmc-opp-flash-layout.dtsi

I notice this patch has some strange whitespace. I suggest you use git
send-email to post patches to the list, as this stops your email
client from breaking things. If you really don't want to use
send-email, please take a look at the information here:


Another nit: convention is to use some prefixes to indicate which part
of the kernel you're using. Take a look at what others have done:

$ git log --oneline  arch/arm/boot/dts/
67f0843b79e7 ARM: dts: aspeed: romulus: Fix identify LED
6b6e0a3593d3 ARM: dts: aspeed: romulus: Add aspeed fan tach
75c4ae797517 ARM: dts: aspeed: Use new occ-hwmon driver for P8 systems
53bc8cfca31d ARM: dts: aspeed: Add aspeed-lpc-snoop g4 and bmc-quanta-q71l

I'd suggest something like: "ARM: dts: aspeed: Rename OpenBMC flash layout"



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