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OpenBMC Community Teleconference 11/6 Minutes
New attendees, so introductions:

Brad, Jeremy.
Andrew and Joel
James from Intel joining for first time.
Anoop from Intel joining for first time.
Joel - IBM - kernel
Jeremy - IBM - kernel
Adriana - IBM - userspace
Chris Bostic - IBM - mostly kernel stuff
Eddie - IBM - pretty much same thing as Chris...some userspace
Andrew Jeffery - IBM - kernel
Ed - tech lead at Intel
Anoop - Intel - OpenBMC manager
James M... BMC firmware team lead ... work with Ed and Anoop at Intel
Brandon - IBM - userspace
Anyone else out there that wants to say hi?
Milton - IBM - kernel
Nancy - Google


1 - Joel go first - New kernel.

Please get any patches not upstream...cherry-pick them back.
2 months ago - plan to get updated. :-P
Nancy - still trying move to 4.10 and get stable.  
some regressions...need to track that down
Patrick been doing a lot of that work ...

2 - Nancy - testing.

Plans to put anymore tests...
Brad - 1/2 application repos have a Jenkins script ... runs ... make check,
downloads dependencies, as described in
environment setup
builds in x86 context
runs test
A number of tests use gtest. as well as gmock.
Jenkins should be leaving notes in there ... CI ... if not seeing messages, then that repository probably
doesn't have one.
Ones that don't have it would by something like python, or any non-autotools based repositories.
Nancy - like to get a better idea of what kind of code coverage we have.
Brad - there is an integration test suite out there ... not sure how suitable it is ...
Joel - something about bare metal testing, host side ... corner cases ...
[@arj pointer to]
Jeremy - get George on next time? ...
Nancy - Is there any problem with making those test results public?
Robot tests did not seem very comprehensive...
Brad - ...will get George on next time ... make results publicly available...
We are going to need a distributed test model anyway.
Ed - ...has any one looked at lava server?
Nancy - Anoop, do we have a test plan that we can publish for OpenBMC?
Anoop not, as of now.  Will see what can be made available.

Brad - Nancy sharing a plan, George coming next week on what IBM does.
Brad - I don't think there is ... we are going to bring an IBM guy to the next call. 
How IBM tests internally….will ask if anything written down that we can make available.
Anything else on testing?

3 - Brendan - host ipmid maintainer

Brendan - Not able to maintain Host IPMID.
Brad - Bummer
Brad - Still looking for lots of maintainers.

4 - Adriana - inland update
Adriana - firmware update, next phase is in-band...send an image from the host to the BMC.
...what should we use for a protocol...send from host over to the BMC...
mailbox version 3 protocol...
reference board, ... or some other protocol?
IPMI spec does not define how to do updates...
client side of ...
Ed - ... PCIe enabled, how long does the image update take?
Nancy - less than 2 minutes...? I can get back to you on that, post it on IRC....
Brad - out of time here ... minute or two to wrap up. 
Adriana, sounds like ah, lets work with Joel and Nancy...from there we go to some kind of proposal out on the list.
Adriana - Yeah, that works.

Wrap up

Brad - ...not certain on the status of next weeks call...IRC, send out a note....
Nancy - ... December ... 
Brad - ...a ton of people on this call will be on vacation ... probably keep them going in 
December...lower turn out ... 
Adriana - topics, cancel...
Brad - any last words?
Nancy - It would be useful to have the phone number in the call for topics.
Nancy - No calendar invite ...
Brad - ... IBM having for over a year ... did not send calendar invites to everybody...
if want to maintain list of calendar invites... 
Nancy - ...I keep losing the number ....
Brad - ...Milton had suggested putting in the notes I send out ...
...its completely open....
I will start sending out the call out information on any note ...
alright...have a good night.

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