OpenBMC v1.99.6

Patrick Williams patrick at
Thu May 25 22:32:39 AEST 2017

I just release v1.99.6 which has 86 commits since v1.99.5.  Half of
these commits were version increases to underlying OpenBMC repositories
with new features and bug fixes.

Highlights are as follows:

- Fan control
    - Beginning of a reference fan control using phosphor-hwmon which
      sets fans to high speed on boot of managed host
- Code update
    - More work in prep for UBI-managed PNOR
    - systemd targets to block boots while code update is in progress
- State management
    - Soft poweroff requests to the Host on shutdown
    - Refactored transition targets for consistency
    - Bug fixes for BMC reboot while host is running
- Error management
    - Assert fault LED groups when an error indicates a failing part
    - Better support for repository-local errors
- LEDs
    - Add "lamp test" mode, typically used in system manufacturing.
    - OCC AMESTER passthru fixes
    - Virtual PNOR daemon now provides mboxctl to control flushing PNOR
      cache.  45 second sleep in boot paths now removed.
- Machine specific
    - Quanta Q71L - Add configuration for phosphor-hwmon

Patrick Williams
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