Issue:#798: Design proposal.

dhruvaraj S dhruvaraj at
Tue May 23 22:41:11 AEST 2017

HI All,

Please review the design proposal for the issue - (Model non-sensor
sensors), which I am working on the current sprint.

As part of this issue I was planning to implement following sensors.

1) BootCount
2) BootProgress
3) OperatingSystemStatus
4) OccStatus

Based on the design discussion following sensors will be handled once
power handling is implemented
5) PowerSupplyDerating
6) PowerSupplyRedundancy

Note: More details of these sensors are available in the MRW

Proposed paths and interfaces for the sensors.

BootCount :
Path: /xyz/openbmc_project/state/host0
Interface: xyz.openbmc_project.State.Boot.Count
Property: BootCount

Path: /xyz/openbmc_project/state/host0
Interface: xyz.openbmc_project.State.Boot.Progress
Property: BootProgress
                Type: String

Path: /xyz/openbmc_project/state/host0
Interface: xyz.openbmc_project.State.OperatingSystem.Status
Property: OperatingSystemState
                Type: String

Path: org/open_power/OCC
Interface: org.open_power.OCC.proc0.status
Property: OCCActive
                Type: bool

Path: org/open_power/OCC
Interface: org.open_power.OCC.proc1.status
Property: OCCActive
                Type: bool

Implementation details:

- BootCount, BootProgress and OperatingSystem status will be
implemented in  phosphor-state-manager.
- OccStatus will be implemented in openpower-occ-control.
- MRW will be parsed based on the input config yaml(refer the
structure below) and create an application specific output yaml(refer
example below)
- Output yaml will be used to link between the IPMI sensor IDs and
DBus interfaces for host Ipmid to handle the incoming IPMI requests.

Config Yaml;

                               DBus Interface
                                           type: “type”

The output YAML will contain the mapping for values coming to
host-ipmi from host and the expected value by the DBus interface.
Output Yaml example:




       type: “bool”

Dhruvaraj S

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