OpenBMC v1.99.5

Patrick Williams patrick at
Sat May 6 05:23:32 AEST 2017

I made a release earlier this week but did not have a chance to put
together a list of highlights, until now:

v1.99.5: 83 commits since v1.99.4
    - systemd upgrade to 232
    - Romulus, Witherspoon, Zaius machines enable host console
      mirroring at 115k baud
    - Changes to systemd boot sequence target names for consistency
    - IPMI:
        - Barreleye, Firestone, Garrison, Palmetto, Romulus inventory
          updated with present / functional state from host-initiated
          sensor operations.
        - IPMI SOL supported on network interface.
    - Zaius configuration change to boot system automatically by
    - mboxbridge added a dbus-based utility, with corresponding service
      files, to trigger PNOR cache resets.  This removed a 45s sleep in
      the boot sequence.
    - OpenPOWER P9:
        - Kernel fixes for FSI stability.
        - FSI supports i2c master on second processor socket.
        - SBE-FIFO driver, OCC-FIFO driver.
        - CFAM override procedure added to boot sequence for lab usage.

Patrick Williams
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