Consistent naming for physical LED.

Patrick Williams patrick at
Sat May 6 04:05:37 AEST 2017

On Fri, May 05, 2017 at 09:50:37AM +0000, Rahul Maheshwari3 wrote:
>    Hi
>    With new xyz interface, I see that physical Identify LED is named
>    differently as "id" in Witherspoon and system state led as "beep" in
>    Barreleye. Also I see that we have 3rd LED in Witherspoon is "fault"
>    (for enclosure fault) and in Barreleye and palmetto "heartbeat" (for
>    BMC state state).
>    Can we have same set of name/xyz url for physical LED across different
>    systems?
>    Witherspoon
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/power",         System State LED
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/id",                Identify LED
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/fault"             Enclosure
>    fault LED
>    Barreleye
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/identify",        Identify LED
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/beep",           System State
>    LED
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/heartbeat"     BMC state
>    Palmetto
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/power",         System state
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/identify",        Identify LED
>        "/xyz/openbmc_project/led/physical/heartbeat"     BMC state
>    Thanks
>    Rahul


We expect those to potentially be generated from board schematics and
are not intended to be used as a universal identifier for anything.  We
do have requirements on the naming of the LED groups, which is what we
intend users to interact with.  What are you trying to use the physical
LED for that you would like some kind of consistent naming and are you
sure the group would not be more appropriate for your purpose?

Patrick Williams
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