[PATCH] net/ftgmac100: Rewrite the driver

C├ędric Le Goater clg at kaod.org
Thu Mar 30 03:12:57 AEDT 2017

> I reworked a bit the way the rx queue is flushed but this is not 
> enough to support iperf yet. it needs more work to sustain high 
> throughput. U-Boot support would be nice also but I think we will 
> need a more complete NCSI model. 

So, I was wrong for U-Boot. The ftgmac100 QEMU model is good enough 
to use the built-in TFTP server of the user mode network stack. We 
have a simple NCSI "echo" model for this stack. For the records, 
here is how to use it with QEMU.

Start the Aspeed guest with :

    -net nic,macaddr=C0:FF:EE:00:00:02,model=ftgmac100 -net user,id=netdev0,hostfwd=::2222-:22,hostname=vm2,tftp=/var/lib/tftpboot/

when under U-Boot, set the environment :

    setenv ethaddr C0:FF:EE:00:00:02
    setenv serverip
    setenv ipaddr

and tftpboot the image installed in /var/lib/tftpboot/

    tftp 0x48000000 fitimage.ast2400
    bootm 0x48000000



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