dev-4.10 kernel tree published to github

Joel Stanley joel at
Fri Mar 24 16:39:47 AEDT 2017

Hello developers,

I've pushed a Linux 4.10 based tree to the OpenBMC Github repository.

Based on 4.10 plus the latest stable release (4.10.5). Drivers that
were merged since 4.7:

 - clocksource
 - IRQ controller
 - Pinmux

The tree also contains backports from 4.11:

 - Device tree updates for LPC, syscon, gpio, framebuffer and pinmux
 - GPIO driver additions supporting all pins in the ast2500
 - Pinctrl driver additions
 - spi-nor MTD driver

Backports from linux-next (commits that will appear in 4.12):

 - LPC host interface controller (HICR)

Drivers that are not upstream, but are included in the tree according
to the new development process rules:

 - aspeed clk
 - LPC mailbox
 - spi-nor DMA support and other enhancements
 - i2c
 - rtc
 - vuart

A summary is provided on the wiki at

If you want our out of tree driver included, please submit to the
mailing list patches against the dev-4.10 tree with the "linux
dev-4.7" subject line. I'm hoping to see PWM, ADC, OCC and 7-segment
drivers coming in.

If the code is in an upstream maintainer's tree, then send me the Git
SHAs and I will pull it in.

Once we have the latest FSI code in we can start testing integration
with OpenBMC userspace and move systems over to this tree.



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