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Hi Adriana,

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> Hi,
> Here is a first draft proposal for image management (code update) in
> OpenBMC for feedback.
> General:
> * Move to UBI volume management (on the BMC and PNOR chips), which
> provides dynamic partitioning and wear-leveling. In a limited flash space
> environment there might be the need to re-allocate partition space and
> resizing in a static partitioning implementation can be very painful.
> * Use CRAMFS for read-only partitions, and UBIFS for read-write partitions.
> * Implement a new mboxd based on Cyril’s (see Cyril’s email “Mailbox
> daemon”) that handles dbus objects, generates a virtual PNOR for UBI
> content, etc.
> * Move to memory-based access instead of the current LPC-to-AHD path.
> * Allocate just enough space in the initial window for Hostboot’s TOC,
> HBB, and HBI partitions, grow as required.
> * Ability to ‘patch’ by copying a Hostboot image *.bin into a designated
> directory (/usr/local/ for example).
> * Tool to write from PNOR image to BMC format. Implement UBI initially but
> it could be extended to support different volume managements on other BMCs.
> BMC:
> *Save multiple firmware versions, starting with 2, to provide the ability
> to roll-back if needed. If single BMC chip system, save both versions
> there. If two BMC chip system, save other version in 2nd chip.
> * Implement various levels of ‘persistency’, such as dev, factory, field.
> Dev persistency would allow for local patches (/usr/local/ for example)
> that can be cleared before shipping to customers. Factory mode could delete
> the location where user data such as network settings resides but preserves
> the mac address and uuid for example. Etc.

I'm interested in roll-back feature, do you have something working already
or is this still under construction?

Sorry, I could not find anything in the docs or code about it.


> Thanks,
> Adriana
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