Enabling p9 OCC hwmon

Eddie James eajames at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Jun 5 23:51:04 AEST 2017

Hi Joel,

For the config, you needed both SENSORS_OCC and SENSORS_OCC_P9_SBE. I 
thought this worked fine for me... For the P8 version (I will post it 
once I've tested it) you will need both SENSORS_OCC and 
SENSORS_OCC_P8_I2C, so your current version won't work for P8, but I can 
change it in the P8 patchset.

Sorry about the warnings. Using the openbmc build to build the kernel no 
longer provides warnings in the compile log I guess, it used to do so. 
I'll fix those up.



On 06/05/2017 08:11 AM, Joel Stanley wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 5:46 PM, Joel Stanley <joel at jms.id.au> wrote:
>> Hi Eddie,
>> As of 763d6007e084f480b7129f35560c30ce30938509 the kernel tree has all
>> of the drivers that have been posted to the list staged, as far as I
>> could tell.
>> I was attempting to enable the OCC hwmon driver, but it is behind a
>> config symbol that does not exist:
>> drivers/hwmon/occ/Makefile:ifeq ($(CONFIG_SENSORS_OCC_P9_SBE), y)
>> Can you work out what has happened here?
> I made a patch that fixes the issue for now:
>   http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/771128/
> This my not be the fix you want once you've integrated the p8 version.
> Do you plan on posting the p8 OCC patches?
> In addition, we need to fix these sparse warnings:
> $ make C=2  drivers/hwmon/occ/
>    CHECK   drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c
>    CHECK   drivers/hwmon/occ/p9_sbe.c
>    CHECK   drivers/hwmon/occ/common.c
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:99:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:96:23: warning: cast to restricted __be32
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:63:23: warning: cast to restricted __be32
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:181:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:178:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:175:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:172:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:169:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:166:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:140:23: warning: cast to restricted __be16
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:137:23: warning: cast to restricted __be64
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:134:23: warning: cast to restricted __be32
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:125:23: warning: cast to restricted __be32
> drivers/hwmon/occ/p9.c:210:5: warning: symbol
> 'p9_occ_setup_sensor_attrs' was not declared. Should it be static?
> drivers/hwmon/occ/common.c:77:24: warning: incorrect type in
> assignment (different base types)
> drivers/hwmon/occ/common.c:77:24:    expected unsigned short
> [unsigned] [usertype] user_power_cap
> drivers/hwmon/occ/common.c:77:24:    got restricted __be16 [usertype] <noident>
> Cheers,
> Joel

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