[PATCH v10 0/5] i2c: aspeed: added driver for Aspeed I2C

Brendan Higgins brendanhiggins at google.com
Sat Jun 3 11:29:47 AEST 2017

Addressed comments from:
  - Marc in: http://www.spinics.net/lists/devicetree/msg179432.html
  - Ben in: http://www.spinics.net/lists/devicetree/msg179491.html

Changes since previous update:
  - I2C irqchip: Unallocate resources on init failure
  - I2C driver: Added master_xfer_result field to struct aspeed_i2c_bus

As before, tested on Aspeed 2500 evaluation board and a real platform with an
Aspeed 2520.

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