[PATCH v6] pflash option to retrieve PNOR partition flags

Patrick Williams patrick at stwcx.xyz
Fri Jul 7 02:01:10 AEST 2017

On Thu, Jul 06, 2017 at 05:32:51AM +0000, Sivas Srr wrote:
>    Btw, Can we use pflash any time of host state, right. ?
>    Or is there any restriction there?  ( We were told that pflash may go
>    away ).

You can run pflash from the host at any time.  I would suggest not
running it from the BMC while the host is running due to potential
conflicts with the mbox daemon.  You can certainly cause unexpected
behavior due to timing between host firmware, mbox daemon and your
running the pflash tool.

pflash being installed on the BMC is going away very soon.  We are doing
bring-up testing of a virtual PNOR implementation that will cause the
PNOR chip to be a BMC-managed file system instead of the FFS layout.
Running pflash directly against the PNOR will not just show a corrupted
FFS and if you do any pflash updates you are going to corrupt the UBI
layout.  Adriana can discuss any details with you if you need.

Patrick Williams
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