Support for Aspeed SoC in upstream U-Boot

Maxim Sloyko maxims at
Tue Jan 31 11:00:10 AEDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that the basic support for aspeed (ast2500 eval
board, to be specific) has been accepted into the upstream U-Boot and
will appear in 2017.03 release.

It's a bare minimum required to boot the board into U-Boot prompt, but
it already has WDT, Timer, Sysreset, Clock (very basic) and SDRAM MC
drivers, all implemented in C from scratch.

Of these drivers, WDT, Timer and Sysreset *should* be ast2400
compatible, but I haven't tested it,
since I don't have the hardware. Clock driver is not ast2400
compatible, but it should not be hard to make it such. SDRAM driver is
not compatible and my understanding that the controllers on ast2500
and ast2400 boards are different enough to require different drivers.

I plan to continue expanding this support, which basically means
adding more drivers :)

Maxim Sloyko

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