[PATCH v2 4/5] drivers/mailbox: Add aspeed ast2400/ast2500 mbox driver

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at au1.ibm.com
Tue Jan 10 15:40:51 AEDT 2017

On Tue, 2017-01-10 at 15:36 +1100, Cyril Bur wrote:
> So, its basically no more work (I think...) to just have partial
> writes, which... satisfy this requirement no?
> Just so we're on the same page - theres nothing 'special' about the
> write it's just that he other end has mapped that 'data' register to
> trigger an interrupt... the kernel doesn't know that nor does it need
> to, the write is like any other, the interrupt gets triggered by
> hardware.

Ok, that's fine then

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