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Fri Dec 22 06:16:30 AEDT 2017

In the hope of being more open with our development process, we'd like to create a repo for hosting work-in-progress applications, and applications that don't really fit into the other repositories.  Internally, we have such a repository, informally named proving ground, where we try to build out concepts to test new applications, modes, and put the things that are specific to our platform that don't really fit anywhere else.  An example of a component that would be contained in here would be this:

With the goal of being more open, we'd like to find a way to make these prototypes available to the community sooner, and have our machine targets build some of the components while still in development.  The options we've considered thusfar are:

1.       Acquire a repository under github/openbmc, possibly called intel, possibly called something more company agnostic.  Here we would put our prototypes, and things that we would like to enable on our platforms.

2.       Start our own repository on (Intels open source repository) and simply make our platform recipes in openbmc point to it.

3.       Create repositories for each component under openbmc, and define a faster SLA and process for requesting new repos.

4.       Continue with our internal fork, and publish prototypes to repositories once they fit some definition of "done".

My personal preference would be #1, but I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on other opinions on how this should be done, or have better options that we haven't thought of yet.


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