Gerrit alternatives

Dave Cobbley david.j.cobbley at
Wed Dec 20 12:26:30 AEDT 2017

Hey all,

I am curious to see peoples input on using github as a code review 
mechanism over gerrit. I see github/openbmc is already used quite well 
for sprint planning and issue tracking, I feel like it would make a lot 
of sense to use it for doing code reviews. As far as I understand it has 
a mechanism to reproduce a similar paradigm to what we currently use 
today - as far as Code-Review, Ok-To-Test, and Verified.

I can see github has made several improvements over the last few years 
that make it much more use-able to teams like us:

- The ability to have approved maintainers for each specific repository 

- It has the ability to do a rebase-merge, keeping the git tree nice and 

- A strong API to tie in additional tools that we may need.

Additionally, it will reduce the point of failure from also hosting gerrit.

What are peoples thoughts on using this?

-Dave Cobbley

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