dreport will replace ffdc tool starting from Feb-2018.

Joel Stanley joel at jms.id.au
Tue Dec 19 01:21:25 AEDT 2017

On Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 7:53 PM, Jayanth Othayoth <ojayanth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Starting feb-2018 ffdc tool will be removed from openbmc builds. dreport
> will replace ffdc tool with support for additional features.  dreport is
> already available in openbmc builds.
> Users of ffdc tool must plan to migrate to dreport.
> dreport is  a drop-in replacement for ffdc.  ie run dreport instead of ffdc.
> Usage info is as follows.
>         dreport creates an archive(xz compressed) consisting of the
> following:
>                 * Configuration information
>                 * Debug information

Cool. What information is currently included? Is there a list or
configuration I can view?

Is the list fixed at build time, or can the user configure their BMC
to collect additional (or less!) data from specified sources?

How do we get include extra information included?

>                 * A summary report
>         The type parameter controls the content of the data. The generated
>         archive is stored in the user specified location.
> usage: dreport [OPTION]
> Options:
>         -n, —-name <name>     Name to be used for the archive.
>                               Default name format obmcdump_<id>_<epochtime>

Can we change this to include the hostname?



>         -d, —-dir <directory> Archive directory to copy the compressed
> report.
>                               Default output directory is /tmp
>         -i, —-id <id>         Dump identifier to associate with the archive.
>                               Identifiers include numeric characters.
>                               Default dump identifier is 0
>         -t, —-type <type>     Data collection type. Valid types are
>                               user, core, elog.
>                               Default type is user initiated.
>         -p, —-path <path>     Optional contents to be included in the
> archive.
>                               Valid paths are absolute file path or d-bus
> path
>                               based on type parameter.
>                                  -Absolute file path for core type.
>                                  -elog d-bus object for elog type.
>         -s, --size <size>     Maximum allowed size(in KB) of the archive.
>                               Report will be truncated in case size exceeds
>                               this limit. Default size is unlimited.
>         -v, —-verbose         Increase logging verbosity.
>         -V, --version         Output version information.
>         -q, —-quiet           Only log fatal errors to stderr
>         -h, —-help            Display this help and exit.

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