OpenBMC 12/11 community telecon - Minutes

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Thu Dec 14 04:56:39 AEDT 2017

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OpenBMC Community Teleconference 12/11 Minutes
Brad B
James M
Adriana K
Vernon M
Ratan G
Shivani S
Nancy Y
James F
Jeremey K

Apologies - I know there is at least one person whose name I did not
catch.  Feel free to reply with an addition or correction.


Topics discussed:
 - user management - Vernon M
 - power management - James M
 - Yocto subtrees - James F
 - Kernel update - Nancy Y
 - Meeting next week - Brad B

User management:
 - Vernon continued to lead a discussion around the user management
implementation proposal.
 - Three key aspects: dbus API, IPMI PAM module and build abstraction
for package roles.
 - The time to offer feedback is _now_.
 - Brad to respond to proposal with feedback.

Power management:
 - James would like to work on power control.
 - Brief overview on the existing systemd based framework for that.
 - Discussed possibility of a new framework for managing chassis/host
 - Community is open to hearing about alternative state management
 - Brad to provide a dependency graph for the existing framework.

Yocto subtrees:
 - Discussed the longer term direction for making OE updates.
 - Discussed dropping support for openbmc/openbmc with subtrees.

Kernel update:
 - Why was 4.13 chosen?
 - It was the most recent kernel at the point work started.

Next weeks meeting:
 - Do we want a call next week?
 - Yes.

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