Video vs Serial for BMC based host console

Adi Gangidi adi.gangidi at
Tue Dec 12 02:23:58 AEDT 2017

Hi OpenBMC Team

(Jeremy, Adriana, Brad and others),

I've been noticing some chats in IRC around video vs serial from BMC console.

This coincides with Rackspace internal ask for a video based console ultimately via openBMC Web UI instead of serial console. To start with I want to work on patches for just the availability of feature and later worry about integrating into the UI.

More operational efficiency this is needed for seamless continuity in experience of supporting OpenBMC based systems compared to traditional OEM systems by our internal customer support teams.

Before I start down that route, I wanted to ask you following questions:

a) Is this in your plan to implement in the near future ? If so, when ?

b) Has any progress made this implementation easier by someone else?

c) If answer is no to above questions, can one of you, please let us know steps in which we should go through about adding this feature, from scratch?

Any pointers on similar reference implementations, available with appropriate licenses would be greatly appreciated as well.

-Adi Gangidi

System Design Engineer - Barreleye Systems

Rackspace Hosting
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