OpenBMC port to AST2400 on Piestewa Peak CRB?

Patrick Williams patrick at
Thu Jul 14 02:27:32 AEST 2016

Hi Dave,

On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 02:38:15PM +0200, David Müller (ELSOFT AG) wrote:
> Hello
> Does anybody have plans to port or have already ported OpenBMC to the
> AST2400 BMC used on the Intel Piestewa Peak Customer Reference Board?
> Dave

Currently, the code tree at only
supports full functionality on Power8 systems.  The AST2400 itself is
host-processor agnostic, so it probably wouldn't be much trouble to get
it running on that board.  It would be the userspace apps that interact
with the Host that would need work.

Facebook has a different code stack that does support Intel processors.
I do not know how close any of their systems would be to this reference

We are wanting to work with anyone who might be interested in extending
our code-base to support non-Power architectures, but it just isn't my
team's focus.  We have been discussing with Facebook on how to get parts
of the code stack common between our two efforts.  Our main areas of
focus now have been on Linux kernel and u-boot support.

Cc'd Teddy @ Facebook so he can forward this around over there.
Patrick Williams
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