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Tue Jul 5 23:50:12 AEST 2016

From: Adriana Kobylak <anoo at us.ibm.com>

Add steps to setup and push changes to the openbmc gerrit server.

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 Your contribution will generally need to be reviewed before being accepted.
+Submitting changes via Gerrit server
+The openbmc gerrit server supports Gihub credentials, its link is:
+One time setup: Login to the WebUI with your github credentials and verify on
+your account Settings that your SSH keys were imported:
+Most repositories are supported by the gerrit server, the current list can be
+found under Projects -> List:
+If you're going to be working with gerrit often, it's useful to create an SSH
+host block in ~/.ssh/config. Ex:
+Host openbmc.gerrit
+        Hostname gerrit.openbmc-project.xyz
+        Port 29418
+        User your_github_id
+From your openbmc git repository, add a remote to the gerrit server, where
+_openbmc_repo_ is the current git repository you're working on, such as
+phosphor-rest-server, and _openbmc.gerrit_ is the name of the Host added to
+.ssh/config in the previous step:
+`git remote add gerrit ssh://your_github_id@openbmc.gerrit/openbmc/openbmc_repo`
+Obtain the git hook commit-msg to automatically add a Change-Id to the commit
+message, which is needed by gerrit:
+`gitdir=$(git rev-parse --git-dir)`
+`scp -p -P 29418 your_github_id at gerrit.openbmc-project.xyz:hooks/commit-msg ${gitdir}/hooks`
+To submit a change set, commit your changes, and push to the gerrit server,
+where _gerrit_ is the name of the remote added with the git remote add command:
+`git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master`
 Avoid references to non-public resources

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