[PATCH openbmc 1/6] create obmc-phosphor-initfs

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Thu Jan 21 17:10:47 AEDT 2016

Hi Milton,

Looks good to me. One suggestion:

> +	echo Please mount the rw file system on $rwdir from this shell
> +	while ! sulogin && ! test -f /takeover
> +	do
> +		echo getty failed, retrying
> +	done

Can we make this message a little more descriptive? Something like:

cat <<EOF
Failed to mount read/write filesystem (mtdblock${rwfs#mtd})
Please manually mount it on $rwdir from this shell, or
exit the shell to continue without a rw filesystem.


> diff --git a/meta-phosphor/common/recipes-phosphor/obmc-phosphor-initfs/files/obmc-shutdown.sh b/meta-phosphor/common/recipes-phosphor/obmc-phosphor-initfs/files/obmc-shutdown.sh
> new file mode 100644
> index 0000000..85fd1e9
> --- /dev/null
> +++ b/meta-phosphor/common/recipes-phosphor/obmc-phosphor-initfs/files/obmc-shutdown.sh
> @@ -0,0 +1,55 @@

Just to clarify: this shutdown script is completely separate from the
update mechanism, right? In what situations do you see it being used?



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