[PATCH openbmc] uboot tftp can not handle noise

OpenBMC Patches openbmc-patches at stwcx.xyz
Wed Jan 20 08:00:27 AEDT 2016

Pull in the fixes that allows netbooting to work well
Without this change netbooting was impossible due to
timeout problems downloading images for netbooting.
Sometimes I would get timeouts right away, other times
it would take longer but every time it fail to copy
the file completely before timeouts would hit.


Chris Austen (1):
  uboot tftp can not handle noise

 .../recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot_2013.07%.bbappend    |  6 +-
 ...h-Add-use-DEFAULT_LINUX_BOOT_ENV-environm.patch | 74 ----------------------
 .../common/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot_2013.07.bb    |  7 +-
 3 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 83 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 meta-phosphor/common/recipes-bsp/u-boot/files/0001-am335x_evm.h-Add-use-DEFAULT_LINUX_BOOT_ENV-environm.patch


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