[PATCH openbmc] Upgrade to Dropbear 71

OpenBMC Patches openbmc-patches at stwcx.xyz
Wed Jan 13 06:30:23 AEDT 2016

The issue I asked to be fixed is in the new version of dropbear.
The problem was causing robot test code from running remote
commands like ipmitool.  I had to work around the issue building
my own private 'requests' robot code.  Now that it is fixed
you do not need any special code for Robot test automation
Additional details can be found here...


Chris Austen (1):
  Upgrade to Dropbear 71

 yocto-poky/meta/recipes-core/dropbear/dropbear.inc |  1 -
 ...0-stop-robot-test-SSHLibrary-from-hanging.patch | 28 ----------------------
 .../meta/recipes-core/dropbear/dropbear_2015.68.bb |  4 ----
 .../meta/recipes-core/dropbear/dropbear_2015.71.bb |  4 ++++
 4 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 yocto-poky/meta/recipes-core/dropbear/dropbear/0010-stop-robot-test-SSHLibrary-from-hanging.patch
 delete mode 100644 yocto-poky/meta/recipes-core/dropbear/dropbear_2015.68.bb
 create mode 100644 yocto-poky/meta/recipes-core/dropbear/dropbear_2015.71.bb


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